Photo of Me

Sara Arasteh

I am an artist with a long standing passion for fine Arts. Since a young age I have been passionate about drawing and illustrating portraits. To me, drawing was a great form of self-expression. Sometimes I draw to say something without words or save the moments that I can't put them into words. I draw to remember those moments. In my view, art is like poetry, it is trying to balance with beauty (art) and truth (science) to express a feeling.

I started my first drawing lessons with Farhad Sadeghi Amini. In 2005, I attended Robert E. Dunne pastel/portrait painting classes in Atlanta. It helped me find my real interest in portrait illustration and painting. I believed that there are hidden stories behind each face and by capturing and illustrating the emotions in a portrait we can retell and save those stories and emotions.I have worked in variety of media. In the last couple of years watercolor has been my favorite medium and still continues to challenge me in learning to use new techniques in every single work.


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