Sara Arasteh

I am an artist with a long standing passion for fine Arts. Since a young age I have been passionate about drawing and illustrating portraits. To me, drawing was a great form of self-expression. Sometimes I draw to say something without words or save the moments that I can not put them into words. I draw to remember those moments. In my view, art is like poetry, it is trying to balance with beauty and truth.

My paintings have a surreal theme to create a bridge between fantasy and realism. In this imaginative world of art, reality blends in dreams and desires to make a new world filled with colors and emotions. In the conceptual portrait series, I use a portrait as a focal point of the work that conveys the emotions and feelings through the face.

I have worked in variety of media. In the last couple of years watercolor has been my favorite medium and still continues to challenge me in every single work.


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